POBS staff share their winter adventures

And we too must make time to continue to stretch our comfort zones and go on an adventure. May it be… Traveling off-the-beaten-path on an excursion into the jungle of Peru… Taking a trip  to an inspiring and mission driven … Continued

2013 Veteran’s Expedition Recap

As folks here in the city of Philadelphia began to plan their Independence Day festivities (it’s a big deal around here ya know), we couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate the upcoming 4th than with the graduation of … Continued

“My 8 Month Outward Bound Course Experience”

Niki King shares her personal growth, and perspective on what it’s like to be an Outward Bound Instructor. As a field staff instructor for Outward Bound, I thought it might be helpful to share the perspective of someone in this … Continued

New Jersey Hills Article-10/17/13

Outward Bound youths learn teamwork, leadership lessons – In its 11th year, Outward Bound challenges minds and stamina of high school sophomores By: Alex Parker-Magyar Click here to read the article 

Chestnut Hill Local-10/16/13

Rappelling Center City skyscrapers for a good cause By: Sue Ann Rybak Click here to read the article

Metro Article- 10/16/13

Rappel raises funds for Philadelphia Outward Bound School By: Christina Paciolla Click here to read the article

Philadelphia Inquirer- 10/19/13

Outward Bound fund-raiser: Rappelling 30 stories without a net By: Vernon Clark Click here to read the article