Location Wissahickon Valley High Ropes Course or Custom Location
Tuition Please contact us for more information
Ages Adult
Length One day or custom
Seasons Winter, Spring, Summer, Autumn

The Philadelphia Outward Bound School offers Professional Development Programs to corporate teams, both large and small. These programs are customized and designed to assist professionals by positioning the principles of high performing teams into practice so you can excel at the challenges you face in the workforce.

The objective of Outward Bound Professional Development Programs is to engage the participants with several action learning projects that focus on building effective relationships with project team members, communicating effectively, and on project management skills. We will choose challenges that require proactive team leadership and will use those experiences to reflect on effective leadership and leadership skills that build high performing teams.

The program will provide an opportunity to further empower leaders to operationalize their organizational vision and to continue to enhance their culture. The program will encourage them to work as a unified team toward common goals, to increase trust, and to energize the participants for the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.

Achieving breakthrough results comes from developing a high performing team that continues to learn together over time. With almost fifty years of working with teams ranging from military leaders to top executive groups at Fortune 100 companies, Outward Bound has developed a deep understanding of the process required to transform a group of individuals into an agile team capable of achieving extraordinary results. Whether your team is on the verge of a great challenge or searching for a way to become a more accomplished group, our trained facilitators can design a custom program to catapult your team to the next level.

The Outward Bound learning process can take place in virtually any environment and can be delivered to you at your own site, at one of our many partner sites, at our High Ropes course, or at various Fairmount Park grounds. The key is designing the program that is most likely to drive the results you seek.

Your customized teambuilding Outward Bound Professional workshops can focus on:

Conflict Resolution
Team Dynamics
Recognizing and Respecting Individual Differences
Time Management
Goal Planning
Giving and Receiving Constructive Feedback
If your employees need an opportunity to rejuvenate, re-connect, recharge, and experience professional and personal growth in a non-traditional setting, Outward Bound is the right place for you. Our Professional Development Programs will benefit your leadership development, facilitate high performing teams, and direct you towards being a leader in cultural and strategic change.


ACTIVITY: Welcome – Start Outward Bound Program
  • Introduction
  • Review Goals
  • Relationship Building
  • Collaboration Exercise

Start the day with focus on goals, building relationships, review action-learning Cycle




Form small teams for Action-Learning & Problem-Solving Initiatives. Set-up “Phantom Feedback” for the day.


Human Dynamics of Effective Teams: Fun, engaging Action Learning sequence. Opportunity for practice, observation and feedback. Group generates operating principles, (values and behaviors), that will increase the success of the day.




Corporate Dilemma – New Employees, Middle Managers, and Senior Leadership work together to solve a common problem.


Understanding that anyone, at any time, can provide the input to solve a corporate dilemma. Breaking down barriers to enhance cross-functional communication.


12:15PM – LUNCH



ACTIVITY: The Great Information Transfer Challenge

A fun, fast-paced sequence of problem solving challenges where two teams will be working together in both a collaborative and competitive environment attempting challenges within an inadequate amount of time. After each challenge, a post-action debrief occurs for 5 minutes.

Quads are created for the action learning debriefs, consisting of two team members from each team. Their task is to share best practices for the challenge they just attempted and listen to the challenge they are headed to. Success occurs if all challenges are accomplished with high quality in the second round.




ACTIVITY: Light Spheres Inc.

Objective: To maximize your income you are one of several newly formed companies that specializes in the production and delivery of Light Spheres! Your company will need a production team, transport team, quality control inspectors and client managers. You have 45 minutes to deliver a minimum of three bubbles of equal size to the target market. You may practice but no actual deliveries can be made within the first 35 minutes.

You may only use the materials provided. A limited supply of water is available together with some containers. Bubbles may only be produced in the “Factory Area” indicated by the Outward Bound facilitator. No equipment or personnel may come into contact with the bubbles during transportation.

Constraints: You have to arrange sales meeting with your client (Outward Bound facilitator) to discuss your product and pricing before you deliver to the target market (within the 35 minutes). Your price range is $100-$500 per light sphere depending on the size, quality, successful delivery, market forces/competition, and the client relationship that you establish.



  • Discussion
  • Take-Away’s
  • Final Celebration

Recognition of accomplishments and learning.

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