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The Maryland Summer Center for Leadership at Baltimore Chesapeake Bay Outward Bound School (BCBOBS) offers English Language Learning (ELL) gifted and talented students an exceptional opportunity to develop their inherent leadership talents. Our mission is to change lives through challenge and discovery. Our vision is a more resilient and compassionate world, with more resilient and compassionate citizens.

A crew of 12 ELL students will depart BCBOBS base in Baltimore to embark on a 7-day wilderness backpacking and rock climbing expedition. Two highly trained Instructors will facilitate activities that become increasingly more challenging for the group to solve both individually and as a team. Challenges are designed for successful completion although they may be initially perceived as diffcult or even impossible.

Outward Bound programs are a catalyst, equipping students with grit and integrity, new insights into their potential to succeed, and skills to overcome adversity. This ELL course offers challenges that enhance self-awareness and self-confidence while developing teamwork, language ability, reflection, and leadership skills. The overnight wilderness setting challenges our students mentally and physically. They learn to dig deep and to push themselves, consistently finding there is more in them than they know.


Outward Bound’s expedition curriculum provides the leaders of tomorrow a competitive edge by empowering them with higher-order skills such as collaboration, critical thinking, problem solving, written and cognitive organization, and tenacity. Our unique setting provides genuine, real world challenges for students to learn how to solve together. This expedition is designed to support physical and emotional safety. Skilled and compassionate Instructors foster a caring, positive, inclusive group culture.


Dates: Monday, August 21 - Sunday, August 27, 2017
Grades: 8 - 9 (Boys & Girls)
Activities: Backpacking & Rock Climbing
Course Area: Appalachian Trail
Cost: $700/student - SCHOLARSHIPS AVAILABLE (Includes all meals, transportation to/from Wilderness Course Area (only), expedition gear)


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