Do you believe that challenge and discovery are essential to one’s education and development?

Support thousands of students and pursue your  fullest potential by claiming, or gifting, a Day of Discovery in 2018 with a tax-deductible contribution.

What is Day of Discovery?  It’s a day where you embrace Outward Bound’s mission of changing lives through challenge and discovery. On your Day of Discovery, we challenge you to discover something new about yourself, your city, or your community. We will contact you in the weeks leading up to your Day of Discovery with ideas about how to spend your time and share stories from the students who will be supported through your donation.

How does it work?  Choose a date in 2018 that is significant to you. It could be your birthday, an anniversary, or an important date in Outward Bound’s history. View the calendar below for reference, then scroll to the bottom of the page to secure your date(s) under the corresponding day of the week. Let us know what you discover by tagging us on social media @OutwardBoundPHL