We Change Lives Through Challenge and Discovery

Our wilderness expeditions teach young people the skills they need to succeed.


Participants will come away with an increase in self-confidence. Courses guide people to be more compassionate toward others and live a healthy and balanced life.


Outward Bound teaches the ability to set goals, inspire and guide others to achieve more. We encourage collaboration, communication, problem-solving and conflict-resolution.


Our instructors explain the value of social and environmental responsibility with an emphasis on actively engaging in service to others.

“I got involved with Outward Bound through my mentor Molly from The Anti-Violence Partnership of Philadelphia. I always wanted to go camping; it was something I always wanted to do with my dad. Being as though he isn’t here anymore I took the opportunity to go on the Heroic Journey course.

We had two instructors who taught us to do everything ourselves; they kept us entertained and always laughing. My week with Outward Bound changed my perspective on life. We were along the Delaware river, our instructors were telling us what the solo was, and what to do while we were out there. I wasn’t paying attention because I was looking at the view of the river. I didn’t hear what she said to write, so I wrote a poem that I thought other people in my situation could relate to.”