Claim your Day of Discovery and help others discover the outdoors, themselves, and their life-changing Outward Bound Moment.

As a Philadelphia Outward Bound School (POBS) alumni or a witness to your loved one’s POBS experience, you know firsthand that an Outward Bound expedition has the power to change lives. You’ve likely had your own “Outward Bound Moment,” that incredible instant when you discovered deep reserves of strength, perseverance, and compassion while on your Outward Bound journey. By being challenged in unfamiliar settings, you had the opportunity to emerge stronger, more resilient, and capable of achieving ever-greater goals.

Now, we’re asking you to pay that moment forward.

In 2018, we’re celebrating 25 years of experiential outdoor education in the Philadelphia region with the Year of Discovery! This September, we kick off our biggest adventure yet: moving into The Discovery Center, our new world-class home in Fairmount Park.

During the Year of Discovery, we’re asking you to share your Outward Bound Moment with the world by claiming your Day of Discovery!


Over 66% of POBS students live below the poverty line. By claiming a Day of Discovery, you’ll provide access to life-changing outdoor experiences for someone who would otherwise be unable to participate in a POBS expedition. Together, we can create 365 days of discovery, adventure, and challenge for students across the region.


Think of a day when you discovered something about yourself, someone you love, or your community. Perhaps it’s a birthday, anniversary, or the date you completed your first POBS expedition. With your $250 tax-deductible donation, you can claim that Day of Discovery for yourself (or a loved one!) while also supporting a new POBS student with an opportunity to experience their own life-changing Outward Bound Moment.


We will mail you a Day of Discovery Certificate with your date and name (or the name of the loved one you are choosing to honor with this donation), leaving a space open for you to celebrate why that date is meaningful to you.

Feeling energized?

Share the love on Instagram at @OutwardBoundPHL using #DayofDiscovery2018. If you share your social media handle with us, we’ll make sure to celebrate your Day of Discovery by tagging you on Instagram and/or Twitter!

Your donation is an investment in a lifetime of leadership. For more information, or to reserve multiple Days of Discovery, contact Karyn Lyman at [email protected]