Alumni Story: 2018 Veterans Expedition

I was against going for a 5:30am canoe paddle. It was dark and cold. I’d just witnessed two group members get soaked in ice cold water the day before when their canoe tipped over. I was terrified to repeat that. But I listened to instructors, gathered myself and became open minded enough to give it my best. It turned out to be the highlight of the journey. Paddling down the Delaware River Gap at dawn was just breathtaking.

This Outward Bound Experience has given me a renewed sense of self that I didn’t have before this trip. I can do things I never imagined doing in a million years. The lessons learned here are invaluable and I will pass them onto my adult son. I learned to simply “trust.” Trust the process, trust the universe, trust experienced instruction, trust myself.

Thank you for all you do for Veterans. It is deeply appreciated.

– April White, 2018 Veterans Expedition

Thanks to the generous support of donors nationally, Outward Bound was able to offer fully funded expeditions to 432 Veterans in 2017. Learn more about Outward Bound’s national Veterans programs by downloading this 2017 donor report.