The Thriving Classroom – Creating the Supportive Environment


Research shows that students learn best when they feel safe and connected to others. The sessions in this series prepare you to create these types of learning environments in your classrooms, whether they are virtual or at school. You will explore the science of belonging and structure, leaving with a deeper understanding of how to support your students socially and emotionally. Expect to walk away with new, tangible tools to apply your lessons into your own teaching practice.

Each session in this 5-session series is 2.5 hours in length and is available via our virtual classroom.

SESSION 1 | Facilitating Belonging: Exploring the power of connection

This session explores what it means to be-long and provides techniques and activities for creating a safe space and facilitating connection within a group.

SESSION 2 | Understanding Belonging: Relationships that promote social, emotional, and academic growth

Drawing from your personal experiences, sci-entific research, and Outward Bound meth-odology, this session prepares you to take a comprehensive approach to belonging in your classrooms.

SESSION 3 | The Science of Structure: Designing a supportive environment

When Outward Bound takes students into a new environment, we utilize structure to help students feel safe and open to learn-ing. With brain science as a guide, you will discover how our approach to structure can help you create supportive learning environ-ments in your own classrooms.

SESSION 4 | Implementing Structure: Practices for success

This session moves from theory to practice, giving you the opportunity to examine your beliefs about structure to build tangible practices for use with your students.

SESSION 5 | What’s Next? Creating your supportive environment

In this final session, you will create a tangible plan for implementing these practices to support learners’ social and emotional needs.