The Thriving Classroom – Engaging the Whole Learner


This series will prepare you to support the development of social and emotional skills in their classrooms. Get introduced to Outward Bound’s educational framework for social-emotional development, engage in activities that promote SEL skill-building, and learn practices you can implement into your teaching.

Each session in this 5-session series is 2.5 hours in length and is available via our virtual classroom.

SESSION 1 | The Social-Emotional Toolkit: Games and activities for a thriving classroom

Expert Outward Bound facilitators will model activities that you can use in your educational environments, as well as sharing tips and techniques for designing and facilitating effective learning experiences.

SESSION 2 | All Learning is Social and Emotional: Practices for the classroom

This session defines eight key practices and gives a path toward supporting social-emotional skill development during the course of your daily classroom activities.

SESSION 3 | Questioning Strategies for Engagement and Learning

Not all questions are created equal. This ses-sion helps to identify reasons for inquiry, pat-terns in questioning, and methods for devis-ing questions. You will develop a palette of questions to engage, challenge and foster deeper learning and awareness.

SESSION 4 | Promoting Discussion for a Thriving Classroom

In order to cement the transference of skills—it must be sticky. It’s not about having all the answers, and it is neither fast nor efficient. Promoting Discussion helps us to understand how to create a culture of dialogue. It provides methods for facilitation and practice to help with both planned and improvised discussions.

SESSION 5 | What’s Next? Engaging the whole learner in your classroom

In this final session, you will create a tangi-ble plan for implementing these practices to support learners’ in your classrooms.