Rappeller Profile: John Susko

Building Adventure 2014 is here!

This is the biggest adventure event of the year, and we are 50% full.  Secure your spot now to rappel 31 stories from Brandywine Realty Trust’s One Logan Square!  Building Adventure raises crucial funds so we can deliver our mission and serve students.  For the month of July, enter the code “JULYDEAL14” during registration for 25% off the registration fee.  Visit www.buildingadventure.org.

Now, meet John Susko, who is a team captain returning to rappel with us for a second year (answers in 31 words or less)!

Team Name:

“Team Susko”

Years Participating in BA:

2013, 2014

Total Funds Raised to date (cumulative):


Day Job:
Coordinator of the Basic Instruction Program (BIP) and full-time faculty member in the Department of Kinesiology in the College of Health Professions and Social Work at Temple University

A lesser known fun fact about you?
A great friend that I used to work with at Walt Disney World recently used me as the inspiration for a character in a novel she wrote/published.  What an amazing/humbling honor!

Why are you rappelling, John?

Totally impossible to answer in 31 words or less!  Partly to make a difference, advance advocacy, touch/change lives, have fun, meet/make friends, support Philadelphia Outward Bound School, etc.  Read more:bit.ly/suskorappel

What was last year’s rappel like?
Awesome!  Fun!  Breathtaking!  The Philadelphia Outward Bound School and Over The Edge staff/friends are AWESOME!  “Building Adventure” is a very special event and I’m proud/honored to be a part of it!

How will you prepare?

By welcoming new teammates (hint-hint), helping them raise money, running special events, and trying to become the “face” of Capital BlueCross’ “Faces of Fearless” campaign with my 2013 rappelling picture (bit.ly/SRCBCFoFb)

What’s cool about your team?

My teammates!  They are all absolutely amazing human beings (making their own differences in this world).  I am truly humbled/honored to be their teammate/captain!  We welcome all to join “Team Susko!”

Your second favorite way to adventure (after BA of course!)
Just being active any way I can (skydiving, SCUBA diving, surfing, playing volleyball, biking, kayaking/canoeing, rollerskating/’blading, throwing Frisbee, playing tennis, etc.).  You name it…I probably like doing it or want to try!

What should someone know who is considering signing up this year?
They should absolutely sign up…and if they have any questions/concerns, they should contact me ([email protected])!  I’d love to talk with them about rappelling/the event and even have them join “Team Susko!”

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