Get Out And Lead (GOAL)

This Course is a *Fully Funded* Outward Bound Expedition! Get into the remote backcountry on this fully-funded 10-day wilderness expedition! Travel as a crew, living only on what you carry with you. Build memories you’ll never forget. Dates: June 17-26, 2024 Age: Rising 8th graders (summer between 7th & 8th grade) APPLICATION DEADLINE: April 19,… READ MORE >

Philadelphia Youth Leadership Corps (PYLC)

This Course is a *Fully Funded* Outward Bound Expedition! DATES: July 22 – August 4, 2024 AGES: For students entering grades 10-12 APPLICATION DEADLINE: April 19, 2024 Apply now! Take the ultimate challenge at no cost to you and be part of a select team of students from your community to embark on a fully-funded… READ MORE >

New Jersey Youth Leadership Corps (NJYLC)

This Course is a *Fully Funded* Outward Bound Expedition! The New Jersey Youth Leadership Corps is a merit-based scholarship expedition awarded to some of the area’s elite youth leaders who are excited to challenge themselves and discover their leadership potential. This scholarship is available for rising sophomores and juniors in the Northern New Jersey area… READ MORE >

Educator Expeditions

Outward Bound Educator Expeditions are professional development courses designed for educators and school administrators. The goal is to develop experiential education and social emotional learning skills that can be applied in a variety of learning environments. Our courses provide opportunities to personally experience Outward Bound and explore its renowned leadership curriculum. Experiential education is learning… READ MORE >

Peer Leadership: Canoeing

Outward Bound courses will challenge you mentally, physically and socially. Outward Bound’s philosophy maintains that by facing the challenges our courses offer, you will emerge physically and mentally stronger, with an increased mastery of outdoor expedition skills and a better understanding of your own capabilities. Participants learn how to work as a team and develop… READ MORE >