Wilderness First Responder Training at POBS

This month, POBS instructors participated in Wilderness First Responder (WFR) training at The Discovery Center. Read the February 2023 Newsletter >

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January 2023 2022:Guest Blog Post from Northeast High School Teacher Andrew Adams

Northeast High School teacher Andrew Adams shares his thoughts on the Appalachian Trail and Outward Bound, and how both inspire him to make education more relevant to students. Read the January 2023 Newsletter >

December 2022: Meet Taj Murdock, Man of Courage

Taj Murdock is a native of North Philadelphia where he leads a youth mentoring program called Men of Courage. After Taj learned about Outward Bound by visiting The Discovery Center, he and his Men of Courage experienced POBS Insight Day programming, and then Taj embarked on a life-changing expedition.

November 2022: 30 Years Later, She's Still Outward Bound

Student Danielle Merritt went on the first POBS expedition in 1993. Years later, teacher Danielle Merritt brought her students on POBS expeditions.

October 2022: Watch "The Founding of POBS" Video!

Part of celebrating our 30th anniversary this year has meant looking back at how and why we were founded. So we put together a video in which our founders tell the story themselves.  Learn why they wanted to create an Outward Bound school for the young people of Philadelphia, and how they made it happen.

September 2022: The Urban Expedition, Alumni Insight Day, and more!

One of the goals when POBS was founded 30 years ago was to introduce Philadelphia public school students to their city. And what better way to do that than with a multi-day Outward Bound expedition?

August 2022: Discovery Fest, the ATC, and more!

On Saturday, October 1, you are invited to Discovery Fest, an all-day, family-friendly festival at The Discovery Center! Plus, get to know the James McLane Family Challenge Course!

July 2022: Course Photos and more!

POBS course photos are now online for expedition crew members to view, download and treasure. Plus, a student reflection letter and an introduction to one of POBS' nicest instructors!

June 2022: Rock Climbing, POBS Gear, Kickball and more!

Learn how the concept of Challenge by Choice informs our rock climbing course, get your POBS gear on in our newly opened School Store, and sign up to join us for an Alumni Kickball Game & Picnic. Also, learn about our upcoming Distance Challenge!

May 2022: It's Our 30th Anniversary Year!

This issue unveils our 30th Anniversary Celebration plans and delves into the archives for some POBS history.

April 2022: He left his office job for Outward Bound

This issue highlights our amazing staff, including the fascinating tale of how an office worker left all that behind to become an Outward Bound instructor.

March 2022: The POBS 2021 Annual Report, plus TikTok!

The 2021 Annual Report highlights our accomplishments over the past year and demonstrates our impact through both data and storytelling. It's chock full of fun facts, photos, updates and stories, and it will give you a feel for what we are all about!

February 2022: “He Came Back A Different Kid"

This month we take a look at how expeditions spark transformation...

January 2022: A Look Back at 2021

Over the last year we experienced our share of growth, discovery, and adventure, and we also made many great lasting memories.

December 2021: People Are Talking!

Students, educators, and other POBS clients have nice things to say about their experience with our programs.

November 2021: Get to Know Us!

Our instructors open up to reveal their personal stories behind how and why they became involved with Outward Bound.

October 2021: Building Adventure a Huge Success!

This month we cover the recent success of Building Adventure 2021.