Get Outside Gala | Exploring the Wissahickon

As an avid backpacker, I was committed to sharing my love of the trail with my daughter, Ruby, who turns two at the end of May. Our hiking journey began at three weeks old when I carried her on her first hike in the Wissahickon. As the months went on I carried her through snow-covered… READ MORE >


Earth Day, the annual event that encourages people to care for the world around us, turns 50 this year! Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, this year’s events and celebrations will be virtual. Here are a few resources to help you celebrate at home. Due to COVID-19, you might be feeling disconnected from nature. Some of… READ MORE >

How To Use Solo Time Productively

Solo time is a special part of an Outward Bound course. It allows students to spend time away from their crew and process their experience on a more personal level.  On expedition students are challenged with initiatives and wilderness skill development, then participate in discussions and debriefs to help extract lessons from the experience.  Solo,… READ MORE >


What does it mean to be resilient in a time like this? What does it look like to face adversity and unknowns with the same confidence and undefeatable spirit of a voyageur setting off into uncharted waters? We turn to what we know: to serve, to strive and not to yield. We ground ourselves not… READ MORE >

Year In Review: Top Ten Highlights of 2019

Since we measure success by the impact of our programs, our most exciting accomplishment in 2019 is the record-breaking number of students we served. This year 7,828 students participated in a POBS program – that’s a 53% increase over last year! We were excited to work with over 30 new partners – including some of our nearest… READ MORE >

Finding Purpose Through Outward Bound

Reflecting on his three years as a field instructor at Philadelphia Outward Bound School, Cole Corrigan shared with us just how transformative this work is. When Cole was 22, he had dropped out of school and was working at a bar, when he decided to go on a soul-searching journey to South America. His sister… READ MORE >

What Our Students Learn On Expedition

Challenge changes us. It can upend our preconceptions and stir up our insecurities, but if we rise to it, it can strengthen us beyond measure. Outward Bound alumni know this at their core. When reflecting on their expeditions this past summer, here’s what our students had to say about the challenges they experienced on course… READ MORE >

Success In The Classroom. Success In Life.

Danina is a student advisor at Vaux Big Picture High School, and each year, she takes her students on a program with Philadelphia Outward Bound School. She has seen first hand how Outward Bound’s curriculum demystifies the experience of learning for the young people in her classroom.

Not charity but an investment: Outward Bound for Veterans

Outward Bound USA has provided programming to thousands of returning service members and recent veterans since 1983. Outward Bound for Veterans was originally designed to serve Vietnam War veterans through collaboration with staff from the Veterans Administration unit for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and Colonel Bob Rheault, who served as commander of the U.S… READ MORE >

Pulpit Rock and The Pinnacle Loop

Sophia Ozenbaugh, our Marketing Manager, is no stranger to adventure and the outdoors. As a middle schooler, Sophia experienced the great outdoors for the first time with Philadelphia Outward Bound School, through our longstanding partnership with the School District of Philadelphia. Now, she spends time exploring local trails and traveling to natural landscapes near and… READ MORE >