Grace Hannigan, Student

Grace is a student from one of our Youth Leadership Corps expeditions who took the time during her trip to write a thank you letter to those who underwrote her participation in the course.

"Thank you so much for the scholarship that has allowed me to be able to take part in the PYLC Outward Bound Program...Thanks to you I know how to be a leader, something I will carry with me and use throughout my entire lifetime..."

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Gregory Wright, Educator

Gregory is a teacher at Gideon Elementary School whose students experience our Insight Day programs.

"The partnership between Outward Bound and Gideon Elementary has been amazing...I’ve seen perseverance in our students as they have ascended the ropes course, zip-lined or climbed the rock wall!"

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Erica Montemayor, The Wharton School

Erica is Associate Director at Wharton Leadership Ventures who utilizes our OB Professional programs.

"The Philadelphia Outward Bound School has been a powerful catalyst to programs at The Wharton School...By the end of the day, the group I brought to the Discovery Center in the morning has been transformed by the afternoon."

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Kieran Campbell, Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia

Kieran is the Youth Cycling Program Coordinator for the Bicycle Coalition, who utilizes our group programs.

"The students had a blast when they went rock climbing...Having them participate in an activity that requires so much attention and trust helps to build bonds and connections that go deeper and are more permanent...many of them said they'd do it again and were very proud of themselves for having pushed themselves out of their comfort zone."

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Devan Stratton, Educator

Devan is a teacher at Northeast High School whose students experience our Insight Day programs.

"Outward Bound is by far the best trip I plan for my students each year...The Insight day activities are engaging, challenging and rewarding...After every trip my students want to know when they can return."

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