The partnership between Outward Bound and Gideon Elementary has been amazing. I believe every student should experience the outdoors. Outward Bound has created a safe, fun and engaging way for students to do just that. 

While visiting Outward Bound with students I’ve witnessed first hand the fun and creative activities used to bring out and/or enhance leadership qualities in students who are normally shy. I’ve seen teamwork and communication between students that normally don’t interact with one another increase. Additionally, I’ve seen perseverance in our students as they have ascended the ropes course, zip-lined or climbed the rock wall! 

I appreciate Outward Bound for intentionally planning these themes into their programs and giving our students new experiences for them to take back to their school and community.  

-Gregory Wright, Community School Coordinator, Gideon Elementary

“I like Outward Bound because it makes me feel safe. Another reason is because all the employees are nice and make us like being there. My favorite part about Outward Bound is zip-lining because I fly fast through the air, I feel like a bird in the sky.” 

Jamal H., 7th grade student, Edward Gideon Elementary