An opportunity to experience specially crafted outdoor wilderness expeditions with a profound healing component for teens, ages 14 to 18, coping with the loss of a loved one.

Outward Bound Grieving Teens courses implement personal growth methodologies and a simple support model that honors the griever. The grief work that is purposefully woven into every aspect of the curriculum is not intended to provide therapy, but rather to facilitate an environment where young people can connect, build relationships and share in a relevant healing experience with real-world outcomes.

Participants begin to build an inclusive, supportive “crew” on day one as they join in a nightly discussion circle, acknowledge their shared losses, and begin the healing process. As they tackle problem solving challenges and engage in high impact activities such as rock climbing or ropes courses, students experience moments of self discovery and also reinforce their new community of support – their grieving crewmates. Students are encouraged to share their stories and insights on a daily basis as they participate in meaningful grief rituals as well as grief-centered reflection activities designed to help students understand how their experiences thus far might translate to coping skills back home. During the final debrief students identify continued, healthy support mechanisms and a positive network of peers who they may call on in the future.

Thanks to the contributions of Outward Bound partners, we’re able to offer these expeditions with significantly reduced tuition so that every grieving teen – regardless of financial ability – may take part in their own healing journey.

Dear Philadelphia Outward Bound School,

My colleagues at Good Grief and I would like to express our appreciation to you for providing some of our Good Grief kids with a wonderful and life changing experience at Outward Bound!

The kids were all so grateful for their experience and benefited from their time spent together where they found connection, understanding and friendship. The time spent outdoors brought healing and built confidence as they became more independent.

We look forward to partnering with you again so that we can continue to promote this meaningful enrichment event to our Good Grief families.

With gratitude,
Pam Sullivan
Head of Family Centers
Good Grief

Top banner and above photo: Good Grief teens on expedition – July 2023