Participants work together on the Team Beam to move across two logs that get closer or farther apart depending on route selection.

The James McLane Family Challenge Course is designed to build high-performing teams. Whether you’re a 9th grade class on an Insight Day, or a corporate team working OB Pro, our aerial teams course (ATC) helps your group discover hidden leaders and find new ways to work collaboratively.

Participants move through a series of high-ropes elements that become progressively more challenging. Each element is designed to assist the group in deepening trust and build on the participants’ self-discovery and exploration of what it means to be crew, not passengers, on their Outward Bound journey.

This progression is based around the three phases of every Outward Bound expedition: Training, Main and Final. Our participants may start their journey knowing very little about the path ahead, but through the coaching and encouragement of their facilitators, they become a self-sufficient “crew.”

On the High-Y, Participants walk as a team along a foot cable and use each other for support to traverse the element.


Students receive hands-on instruction that focuses on skill mastery through specialized lessons.


Students apply their newly- acquired knowledge in a supervised environment.


Students take on leadership roles and responsibility for course activities.

By the end of the program, participants gain a shared experience that not only challenged each individual, physically and emotionally, but also the group as a whole. Participants leave with a better understanding of their abilities and with a community of support they can rely on at work, in life or at school.

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Participants hop across 7 platforms on “Island Hopping” while staying in contact with one another as they traverse together.