As a 501c3 non-profit organization, Philadelphia Outward Bound School is led by a Board of Trustees holding full fiduciary responsibility for the present and future success of the organization, including our staff, our programs and our mission to serve the greater Philadelphia metropolitan region and communities across the states of Pennsylvania, New Jersey and northern Delaware.

Our Trustees are elected to serve terms as defined by our By-Laws and hold technical responsibilities as described therein. Trustees work collaboratively to set the course for strategic and business planning, to establish appropriate committees for operational and safety oversight, and to secure the necessary funding for fiscal success today and well into the future. Philadelphia Outward Bound School is a stronger organization because of the leadership modeled by our Trustees. In addition to their work as a Board, Trustees’ active participation in course-end graduation ceremonies, special events and other activities is a common occurrence and always appreciated.

Jonathan B. Conant
Ed Ruggero
Vice Chair & Governance Crew
Lars Beck
Finance Crew
John Bullen
Facilities Crew
Jeremy Coote
Development Crew, Chair
Sharif El-Mekki
Operations/Safety Crew
Nancy Goldenberg
Marketing Crew
T.S. “Tim” Greenwood
Development Crew
Robert Haas Jr.
Elinor Haider
Mark Haslam
Facilities/Finance Crews
Doff Meyer
Marketing Crew, Chair
Wendy B. McDevitt
James W. McLane
Development Crew
Jeff Mitzak
Development Crew
Lauren O’Brien
Safety Crew
David Rahr
Development/Governance Crews
Joe Ritchie
Michael C. Stanley
John C. “Jack” Stoddard
Finance Crew
Aaron Strenkoski
Kip Wetzel
Development Crew
Mitchell Young
N. Peter Hamilton
The Hon. Michael A. Nutter