A Message from Outward Bound USA’s Executive Director

Dear Outward Bound Community,

With the rest of our country and the world, we watched Wednesday as shocking events unfolded at the nation’s Capitol, as a group of rioters violently disrupted what was meant to be the first steps in a peaceful transfer of power for our democracy. Wednesday’s events were disturbing, unprecedented and criminal, and must be condemned in the strongest terms. We do that here and now.

The violence, destruction and treasonous behavior we witnessed Wednesday in Washington, D.C. was an attack on American democracy and our founding ideals. While the United States is an imperfect union, it is one, at our best, that can inspire hope for all of us. I am heartened by those who stood up, pushed back, and defended the Capitol as well as those members of Congress who, after it was safe to do so, returned to their work at hand, their constitutional duty, to certify the 2020 presidential election.

We, at Outward Bound USA, are an organization that for more than fifty years has prepared young people to live lives of integrity, service and courage. Courage to confront what is wrong, integrity to act with respect and self-discipline and the sense of service that compels us to positive action. While our country took a step backwards Wednesday, we are emboldened by our own mission, core values and commitment to support young people in becoming leaders for uplifting change in their communities. And, we must deepen our work.

As an educational organization committed to the families and communities that we work with, and an organization that strives for improvement every day, we stand with you to hasten our work with young people, educators and our communities to build a society committed to compassion, integrity and equity, in order to get closer every day to that more perfect union. There is much work to be done.

In community,

Josh Brankman
Executive Director
Outward Bound USA