Relationship Building for the Virtual Classroom

This session supports the SEL principle of building relationships in the online and in-person learning environments. Participants will experience activities that provide opportunities to initiate communication, peer to peer interactions, and engagement in a shared experience. In this initial session, participants will take steps toward building positive group culture, and begin to consider benefits in… READ MORE >

Engagement Strategies for the Virtual Classroom

The session explores what engagement looks and feels like as a participant and how educators can promote engagement and buy-in from youth using thoughtful and deliberate strategies and practices in an online learning environment. Session Objectives At the end of this session participants will be able to: Facilitate 5 engagement activities with students in the… READ MORE >

Icebreakers and Energizers for the Virtual Classroom

The session offers short, ice-breaker and energizer activities that may be incorporated at the beginning of the day, between learning activities or throughout the school day when the group needs a pick-me-up. Participants will discuss the difference between activity types (icebreakers, energizers, relationship builders, and team builders) and how these quick activities can benefit the… READ MORE >

Reflection, Application and Transference

The session supports the SEL areas of self and social awareness by using reflection activities as tools to promote growth along the experiential learning cycle – “so what” and “now what.” Participants will experience and practice activities that invite individual and group reflection and challenges educators, with their student groups, to consider how their time… READ MORE >

Team Building for Educators

The session(s) will be a designed program, focused on meeting the needs and goals of school staff. These sessions, much like an in-person program facilitated by POBS, will be geared toward strengthening school teams, supporting the growth and development of staff as leaders, as peers, and as educators working together. Through a collaborative planning process,… READ MORE >

The Thriving Classroom – Engaging the Whole Learner

  This series will prepare you to support the development of social and emotional skills in their classrooms. Get introduced to Outward Bound’s educational framework for social-emotional development, engage in activities that promote SEL skill-building, and learn practices you can implement into your teaching. Each session in this 5-session series is 2.5 hours in length… READ MORE >