What should participants expect on an Outward Bound expedition?

Participants should come prepared to work hard, have fun and learn new skills. Time with Outward Bound will be spent outdoors in the natural world, meeting challenges, practicing leadership, reaching goals, problem solving and working closely within a group. Along the way, participants will be guided by instructors and supported by the camaraderie of teammates.

What kind of food will we eat?

While on course you will be eating nutritious and portable food – grains, pasta, cheese, vegetables, fruit and nuts – selected to meet high-energy demands for your program. Typical meals include burritos, macaroni and cheese, and tuna sandwiches. The diet may differ from what you are accustomed to at home. To prepare, we suggest you… READ MORE >

How will I stay clean??

We are very aware of basic sanitation in the wilderness. You will wash your hands regularly and learn tricks of the trade to staying clean, even though you will not be able to shower. Deodorant is not advised because it has a tendency to irritate skin when not washed off regularly, and the scent attracts… READ MORE >

Can a friend come with me?

Outward Bound is about stepping outside of your comfort zone. Being with people you don’t know is part of the Outward Bound experience. There are many great benefits to sharing your experience with a diverse group of people that you don’t know. You may start out as strangers but after working, playing and living together… READ MORE >