Why go into the wilderness or to new places in the city to learn about leadership?

In addition to providing a beautiful setting, wild and natural places offer a unique learning environment. The unfamiliar spaces present participants with inherent challenges and logical natural consequences. While learning to face these challenges as individuals and as a group, participants develop the skills they need to step into leadership roles and more effectively face… READ MORE >

What should I expect on course?

Participants should come prepared to work hard, have fun and learn new skills. Your time with us will be spent outdoors in the natural world, meeting challenges, practicing leadership, managing risks and working closely within a group. Along the way, you will be guided by your instructors and supported by the camaraderie of fellow students.

Is it safe?

Outward Bound has an excellent safety record, and we work hard to reduce the risk of injury to our students. We invest considerable time and resources in training our staff and reviewing our programs to ensure that they meet Outward Bound’s national standards of safety and quality. The accuracy of the information you provide on… READ MORE >

How are instructors trained?

Outward Bound instructors are highly qualified outdoor professionals and educators, extensively trained and certified in both hard and soft skills. Typical certifications include: Wilderness First Responder, Wilderness Lifeguarding, AMGA Rock Climbing and ACA Canoe instruction. An instructor must be certified and have both personal experience and professional guiding experience before becoming staff. Outward Bound instructors… READ MORE >

When should I make travel arrangements?

We recommend that you delay purchasing nonrefundable airline tickets until you have been approved for participation and the course is confirmed a “go.” On rare occasions we cancel courses due to low enrollment or other issues. When you have been approved for the course and you know it is a “go”, make sure you pay… READ MORE >

What paperwork is required?

In order to participate, each participant must complete a medical form and acknowledgement of personal responsibility form. Each form must be signed by the student and a parent/legal guardian (if participant is under the age of 18). Please fill them out entirely and return them to the appropriate person for your group. Every question is… READ MORE >

Do I have to want to go?

Yes, students must be willing and motivated to attend Outward Bound. This is not a boot camp. We do not force participants to go on course. In order to make sure all students have an enjoyable time while on course we ask that everyone fully participate in all course activities and follow the rules and… READ MORE >