How To Use Solo Time Productively

Solo time is a special part of an Outward Bound course. It allows students to spend time away from their crew and process their experience on a more personal level. 

On expedition students are challenged with initiatives and wilderness skill development, then participate in discussions and debriefs to help extract lessons from the experience. 

Solo, in contrast, allows for student to take a deeper dive into their thoughts and consider how they may apply the lessons from the course to their daily lives. How to best spend solo time depends on each individual student. There is not necessarily one "right way."

During this pandemic, we are all spending more time indoors. Use the video below to understand some common behaviors that may arise during your time at home. Take some "solo" time to recognize your own patterns and consider how you can use those behaviors to be more productive and in-tune with your needs.

Tag POBS @outwardboundPHL to let us know which solo animal fits you best, and if there are any solo animals we missed!