Abilities that last a lifetime

Outward Bound is the premier provider of experience-based outdoor leadership programs for youth and adults. Outward Bound courses change lives and give you the tools to see further, climb higher and find your way.

Seek a challenge and embark on a wilderness backpacking trip, an urban exploration, or even take a mountaineering, rafting, canoeing, dog sledding or sailing trip and bring home the courage to find your own path.

Keeping it local

At the Philadelphia Outward Bound School, we are deeply embedded in community – working with young people and adults: students, educators, school administrators and business, corporate and community leaders.

Our mission is to build leadership capacity within our region by providing opportunities to develop a better understanding of each individual’s capabilities and value to the community.

Our instructors make us great

Outward Bound instructors enhance and inspire leadership, self-esteem, self-reliance, concern for others, service to the community and care for the environment.

Our mission is carried out through challenging experiences that are safely structured by our instructors who receive specialized wilderness medical and outdoor leadership training. Oh, they are fun too!

Find out who you truly are

Outward Bound outdoor experiences challenge you to be a leader, an individual and an innovator. You will develop a sense of community, build bonds, and discover what it means to go beyond.

Outward Bound adventure education experiences inspire new potential and expand horizons. Our innovative courses will let you see that you can achieve more than you ever thought possible.