Newsletter | January 2016 | New Year, New Opportunities

  Katie’s Korner: A few words from our Executive Director . . .   One of the most common words we hear at POBS is “opportunity.”  We talk about opportunities to reach more students with our mission to change lives through challenge and … Continued

Meet POBS’ Apprentices

This year POBS introduced a new year-long Apprentice Program. Two alumni of the Youth Leadership Corps program were selected to play a pivotal role in selecting and developing next year’s YLC students. The apprentice program is designed to model Outward Bound’s … Continued

Outward Bound Day #5: The Stories We Tell

It was mid-morning on Day 5, and these were our final hours together. We were back at Fort Washington State Park, and the students were busy cleaning—water bottles, dinner bowls, equipment—the objects that had been so new to us just … Continued

Outward Bound Day #4: A Simple Game

Lines were drawn in the dirt of the forest floor.  The students examined the final tally, and they assessed how far they had come both as individuals and as a group.  While this task wasn’t the most difficult of their … Continued

Springside Chestnut Hill Expedition Day #3: That Magic Moment

It was raining hard, the temperature was dropping, and our morning hike had turned into a slog. Attempts at trail games and songs were drowned out by the constant patter of rain against the hoods of our rain jackets. The … Continued

Springside Chestnut Hill Expedition Day #2: On the Trail

It was Day 2, and it was hot. We broke camp earlier than expected and made our way north on the Appalachian Trail for what promised to be a long day of hiking. Our destination was a campsite 11 miles … Continued

Rappeller Profile: Andrea Konow

Meet Andrea Konow, a first time Building Adventure participant. To celebrate her 65th birthday and 30th year as a public defender, Andrea will rappel 31 stories all in the name of a “good cause.” As a public defender, she has … Continued

Student Spotlight: Morgan Mifflin

Name: Morgan Mifflin Outward Bound Course: Youth Leadership Corps, 2014   Where are you now? Right now I am in 10th grade, attending Central High School. I am adjusting to all the changes I am experiencing with getting older and … Continued

Outward Bound Changed My Life

Alum of the 2014 Fourteen-Day New Jersey Youth Leadership Corps Expedition Before Outward Bound, I had little to no self-confidence. I was shy.  I had dreams like everyone else, but no knowledge about how to reach those dreams. During my … Continued