New Jersey Hills Article-10/17/13

Outward Bound youths learn teamwork, leadership lessons – In its 11th year, Outward Bound challenges minds and stamina of high school sophomores By: Alex Parker-Magyar Click here to read the article 

4 Boys Embark on an Epic Journey of Self-Discovery

Last week, 4 brave students from MLK High School took an even larger step outside of their comfort zone and onto a course that they would remember forever. Khalil Brintley, Rhashon Brew, Keon Ragland and Nicko Bryant are all seniors at MLK high school and participated in the 6-week summer intensive leadership program with Outward Bound… READ MORE >

66 Donors. $2,000. One Incredible Story of Compassion

Last Friday, after weeks of focused effort, Hayley received the last $25 she needed to take her over the edge (a touching contribution from a fellow rappel participant).  She did it the old-fashioned way – by asking and asking again.  In this special Q&A, Hayley shares her very special story of how she turned her… READ MORE >