“Being on an Outward Bound course was the best experience in my life!”

Chelsey Deal is a freshman at Saul High School of Agricultural Science and can’t get enough of Outward Bound.  She is currently a POBS course alumni of three 5-day Peer Leadership expeditions, a scholarship recipient to attend a 14 day Philadelphia Youth Leadership Expedition and is doing what she never thought possible this summer with a 22-day Sailing and Backpacking course in Maine.

I had an amazing experience on these courses. On each one I had learned something new that I was able to bring home with me. I gained many skills like learning how to treat water with bleach and tie up bear hangs, so that our food could be safe. I was able to move out of my comfort zone and open up to make new friends. I tested my physical and mental limits when I had to leave home and face challenges on my own. On my journeys I made many memories that I could never forget like the time I went rock climbing and laid under the stars with my friends. I learned that I could accomplish things with greatness if I am determined and try my best. Being on an Outward Bound course was the best experience in my life! This summer I am preparing for a twenty-two day sailing and backpacking Outward Bound course in Maine. I am looking forward to this journey because it is something new and it will be a challenge that I am ready for. I will learn new skills because I have never gone sailing before and I will be able to find new strengths and weaknesses. I can’t wait to make new friends and share wonderful moments with them. This is a one in a life time opportunity that I have and promise to make the best of it.

Chelsey Deal


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