Car Camping in Hickory Run State Park

Exploring nature doesn't have to stop when children become part of the equation.

This week we find ourselves immersed (literally) in Hickory Run State Park, with 14 families and a week of non-stop rain!

Hickory Run State Park

Once a year Karyn Lyman, our Advancement Director, and her family join a troupe of fourteen families who take over a loop in Hickory Run State Park. "It's basically kids running wild, whichever child ends up in your campsite that evening is who you're feeding." What makes Hickory Run perfect for Karyn and her family are the short day trails that are accessible from the camping area. A particularly favorite trail is Boulder Field Trail. This trail is found in the Northeast corner of the park and leads you to a 720,000 square ft field of boulders which likely reflects multiple periods of periglacial activity during a number of glacial periods. With dense areas of rhododendron, waterfalls, and a fire tower, Hickory Run has plenty to offer all levels of adventurers.

Everyone embraced the moments of mud and bugs.

Maddy enjoyed pretending the bugs were her Princess' pets.

Camping must-haves

1. Collapsible trash can

Having a designated area for garbage ensures that trash doesn't get left behind or dropped on the ground. As stewards of the environment, always practice and teach LNT (Leave No Trace).

2. Covered shoe area

Most backpacking tents come with integrated vestibules as a part of the staked tent cover. If your tent doesn't have this feature, create an area to keep muddy shoes and gear covered. Wet shoes are never fun.

3. Large hanging water bladder

Depending on your campsite, having a camp bladder that serves as a water reservoir will save you countless walks to refill your personal bottle.

4. Dustpan and hand broom

Try as you will to keep shoes out of the tent, dirt WILL get in.