Get Outside Gala | Exploring the Wissahickon

As an avid backpacker, I was committed to sharing my love of the trail with my daughter, Ruby, who turns two at the end of May. Our hiking journey began at three weeks old when I carried her on her first hike in the Wissahickon. As the months went on I carried her through snow-covered trails in the Rocky Mountains and the Red Rocks Wilderness. She brought her favorite teddy bear on her first overnight camping trip in the Pine Barrens.

With Ruby's energy level increasing, we took on a new challenge for 2020. Together we are exploring all of what our local Wissahickon trail system has to offer. Each hike she's stronger and more confident to lead the way, go farther, and climb bigger logs! We take our time, explore sticks, jump in cold creeks, find some ants and moss to touch. My backpack is filled with the essentials: a bottle, a cup of goldfish and 12 other snacks for when she changes her mind, emergency wipes, a diaper and an easy baby carrier I can put her in if we hike farther than we bargained for!

Since the start of March, we have done 20 hikes together on different sections of the Wissahickon Trail system. I'll continue to follow her lead and look forward to seeing which trail she will want to go down next!

Lauren Stables
Associate Director of Center-Based Programs
Lauren has more than 13 years of teambuilding, challenge course management, and outdoor education experience. She has worked at Outward Bound for over 10 years, serving as a wilderness Instructor, a Program Manager, and as a program designer. She lives in Philadelphia, enjoys gardening, backpacking, traveling, and teaching yoga.

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