Support Philadelphia Outward Bound School from the comfort of your own home or your favorite local trail. Grab the family, your favorite trail snacks, and get outside (at a safe social distance)! Maybe you want to go for a run or bike along the Schuylkill, or just fire up the backyard grill. It’s all welcome at the Get Outside "Gala"! This is your time to get some fresh air, and most importantly, to make a difference. 100% of the profits raised from this “event” will go DIRECTLY to supporting our students and will be entirely tax-deductible.

How To Participate

We invite you to think about what you might typically spend on a night out or at a conventional gala, and make an equivalent gift in support of Philadelphia Outward Bound School and thousands of students across the region. Some items for you to consider include:

  • Suit or dress (and shoes, of course!)
  • Salon appointment
  • Babysitting services
  • Transportation and parking
  • Auction packages, raffle tickets and donations
  • Food & Beverage

All donations are 100% tax-deductible!

In recognition of your donation, POBS will send you a special gift via e-mail, to round out your experience at the Get Outside Gala!

We'd like to express special thanks to our early supporters – Sponsors and Host Committee members as listed below – for their unwavering support of our mission!




Provides 50% of the financial aid needed for a public school’s 5-day expedition, bolstering POBS' commitment to our community.


Provides wilderness first responder training and certification for a field instructor.


Supports 40 students on a day-long insight program on our aerial teams challenge course at The Discovery Center.


Eliminates barriers for a student to participate in an expedition by ensuring they have all of the requisite gear needed to explore the outdoors.


Provides a community of support for a week-long expedition for Veterans transitioning from combat to civilian life.

$100 CREW

Feeds one hungry crew returning back to base for their final reflection and "graduation" from Outward Bound.


Hit The Trail

Upon receipt of your contribution, you will receive a digital gift to enhance your outdoor experience:


local hiking recommendations

a playlist for your time outside

food and drink recipes

a virtual campfire



As a member of our Outward Bound family, you have helped to respond to the need of thousands of Philadelphia students for transformative, character-building experiences not possible within the walls of a classroom. You have responded to the need for connection and healing from youth suffering the loss of a loved one and veterans finding their way back to civilian life. You have impacted the lives of thousands each year, and we are deeply grateful.

Now, we ask for you to help us respond to another need. We aim to ensure that POBS is ready to return to programming as soon as possible and deliver the highest quality outdoor learning experiences to thousands of Philadelphia youth and others in need. They deserve the opportunity to discover that there is more in them than they know, to find resilience and a supportive community of peers. We can't do it without you!




Sabrina Abbott and Josh Olivo

Alyse and James Bodine

Philip Charron and Lesly Attarian

Emily and Jon Conant

Oliver St. Clair Franklin OBE, HM Hon. Consul

Nancy A. Goldenberg

Paulette Greenwell and Scott Measley

Tim Greenwood

Connie and Robert Haas

Elinor Haider and Matthew Lee

Michelle and Mark Haslam

Laurie Humphreys

Liz and Tim Huston

Tudy and Hyman Kahn

Joe Manko and Charna Axelrod

Christian F. Martin IV

Laurie and Sam Marshall

Wendy and Wade McDevitt

John McFadden and Lisa Kabnick

Meg and James McLane

Jane and Rory McNeil

Ludlow Miller

Kimberly and Gregory Miraglia

Phyllis and Donald Mobley

Jessica and Craig Morton

Katie Newsom

Dorothy Novick and Peter Kenney

Elizabeth Porth

John Rollins

Catherine and Stephan Schifter

Carrie Simons and Marc Lindsay

Hether and Donald Smith

Timoney Knox, LLP

Meg Wise and Ken Yanoviak

Mitchell Young and Anna Forrester