Love in Worlds End State Park

Who doesn’t love a good love story? Follow us this week as we highlight memories from Pennsylvania’s Worlds End State Park.

Recognize a familiar face? That’s Meg Wise, our Executive Director!

Meg’s first visit to Worlds End State Park was in 1992 with Ken, her husband of 26 years. They hiked Loyalsock Trail, carrying all the gear and resources they would need for their adventure. She recalls asking Ken, as they arrived late in the evening to their campsite, “Do you know what poison ivy looks like?” To which Ken replied, “In day-light I do.” It was Meg’s first full fledge dive into the wilderness. Luckily, no cortisone cream was needed!

Ten years later 

After successfully adventuring Worlds End together, they returned in 2002 with their children to make new memories. “We used most of the same gear from our first solo trip, the second time around with the kids.” Meg reminisced watching the kids swim and play in the waterfall The Haystacks rock formation. It was her daughter Chloe’s first time camping; her smile in these photos captures it all.