Meet the Interns – Class of 2016

The questions we asked…

1. Who from history would you take on an Outward Bound expedition and why?
2. If the person above you on this list were a piece of kitchen equipment, what would it be and why?
3. What’s the best advice you’ve ever gotten?

Talia Brody

interns-01I’d like to take Walt Disney – we would have a lot to talk about his creative work, and it would be very interesting to see what an Outward Bound experience would do to impact his movies in the future.

If Roxanne was a piece of kitchen equipment, she would be a knife sharpener, because when you first see her she may seem a simple tool, but as you think about it you realize she is one sharp piece of work. Roxanne keeps us all a little sharper!

People come and go with various impacts on your life, but there is so much to be grateful for if I come to the end of my days with one great friend.

Megan Kietzman-Nicklin

interns-02I would take Helen Keller on an Outward Bound Expedition, because I am sure she would kick ass (re: kick butt) and bring the course to a whole new level, probably something akin to discovering another dimension. Plus I hear she had a killer sense of humor.

Khai would be a hearty, brightly colored plastic serving bowl, because he is incredibly versatile, useful in pretty much any situation, (cooking or otherwise) with a combination of sensibility (a large bowl is straightforwardly useful) and outgoing resourcefulness, (a bowl could, for example, double as an excellent hat for pure fun and foolishness sake, or a washbasin, as needed). Plus, like Khai, a large colorful bowl attracts attention, in a pleasing, easy-going, rounded sort of way.

This vision of success, of failure, of happiness, value, purpose- it is all a game we made up, once long ago. You do not have to play the game that was handed to you, you are welcome to make up a new game, with new rules, and a new definition of winning. Or Stop doing the thing that you have already chosen not to do.

Grace Hardy

interns-03I’m gonna say I’d take David Bowie because then we’d have some good tunes around the camp fire and great stories but he’d also bring the some truly unique/alien insight to any and all lessons.

Eric would be a blender because he’s energetic and loud and likes to mix things up.

Best advice I’ve ever gotten is to learn how to be your own best advocate.

Eric Taylor

interns-04Chuck Norris, no explanation needed lol

Emily would be a can opener, because she loves to dive headfirst into tough and challenging situations and just rip their tops off making it look easy.

“No matter the obstacles that you will face stand tall, think big and push through. The only challenge in life that can’t be beat is the one that you tell yourself you cannot defeat”.

Emily Shames


It’s a three way tie for who I’d take on an outward bound course: John Henry because I’m pretty sure he would pick up heavy things and carry them for long distances with me. Edward Abbey because the conversation would be extraordinary and would cause some deep introspection. Herodotus because he would have endless incredible stories and years of travelers wisdom to pass on.

Dave would be an ice cream scoop because you are always excited to see him and he brings the party.

The best advice I’ve ever received is in video format.

Zach Tolles

interns-06Stonewall Jackson: The reason being is he is known as one of the greatest leaders of recent military history and I believe he would be able to teach a lot about how to lead effectively. He would also benefit from course to be able to maybe take a supporting roll and maybe become a different type of leader.

Talia; Wisk the reason being she is such high energy and brings a lot of life and body to the group.

Best advice: Never miss a good chance to shut up.

Roxanne Clement

interns-07Who from history would you take on an Outward Bound expedition and why?
Napoleon Bonaparte, to help him get over his complex.

If the person above you on this list were a piece of kitchen equipment, what would it be and why?
Megan: A mixer because she break things down and turns them into something creative and useful.

What’s the best advice you’ve ever gotten? The first step to accomplishing a goal is showing up.

Jaclyn McIlwain

interns-08John Muir would be an epic expedition companion. We would talk geology and identify plants and our expedition would turn into one of the coolest guided nature tours ever. He’s the founder of The Sierra Club, the Father of National Parks, and one of the most impactful conservationists of all time. I think we’d be bffs.

Grace would be a citrus juicer, because she turns lemons into lemonade. On course and in life, she’s confident, understated, and knows how to make sour situations seem like a picnic.

Live your truth and know that you don’t owe anyone an explanation.


Dave Wilson

interns-09I would without any doubt take along Henry David Thoreau. I think he would have beautiful words to add in every conversation.

Zach is most definitely a refrigerator. He’s always running and keeps things fresh.

The best advice I’ve ever gotten is, “If you lack confidence, pretend. It will come.” Second best piece, and more tangible advice, “Buy a plunger before you need a plunger.”

Khai Overton

MeetInternsTemplate-10If I could take anyone on an expedition from history I would take Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. It would be interesting to pick the brain of one of in my opinion the first authentic original rock star of music in Europe.

Also if Jackie was a kitchen appliance she would be a tea kettle simply for the fact that the hot water used from it would be used for green tea which is a calming soothing drink just like her nature.

The best piece of advice I’ve ever gotten has been that walls are not meant to hold people back. They are there to be knocked down.

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