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Guest Author:  Kim Glodek, Education Manager . . .  

Investment – often related to finances, expending money, the expectation of making a profit or achieving a material result.

Here at the Philadelphia Outward Bound School (POBS), we believe in investment; however, we use the term “investment” in the context of putting out, as in effort, and most often in support of a worthy cause; devoting one’s time, effort or energy to an undertaking with the expectation of a meaningful result.  We invest in our staff through extensive training, planning and preparation for Insight day programs and single or multi-week expeditions.  Our staff invest in our students – changing lives through challenge and discovery.  Outward Bound course experiences allow students and staff to invest in themselves and each other though challenge and discovery.  However, behind, beside and accompanying the students on their courses are the teachers – the professionals who believe that the investment of Outward Bound makes a profound positive difference in the education of their students.  This year, POBS is deliberately setting a course to increase our investment, connection to and relationship with educational professionals.

Following day-programming and expeditions, we often hear from educators, “How can I keep this going in my classroom setting?”  “How can I help my students continue to work with each other and build on this experience back at school?”  “How can we get more students on board with the process?”  Our educators want to further invest in the Outward Bound experience. And, so do we!

As the Education Manager, my responsibility is to expand the role POBS plays in the lives and work of our educators.  How will we do this?  We will use a research and outcomes-based approach to invest in educators and their schools so that we can expand and enhance Outward Bound’s mission in their teaching and learning environments with an eye toward long-term transference of the Outward Bound experience to more students, schools and youth-serving organizations.

In the next few weeks and months, we will host focus groups to engage educators and students in dialogue around Outward Bound’s educational goals and processes for achieving them, to hear ideas and suggestions and to engage both existing educator partners and new partners.  What’s our vision for the future?  We want to provide our education partners with improved access to Outward Bound’s educational framework and experiences, extended pre-course preparation and post-course transference planning, experiential learning sessions, enhanced curriculum and tools to meet their needs, expansion and growth in educator programs, including our annual educators expedition, and improved resources to support transference of Outward Bound pedagogy back in the classrooms and schools in which they teach.

Be on the lookout for information in our newsletter and on our website, or contact me directly via email or phone ([email protected] OR 215.232.9130 x8940).

Kim Glodek



Outward Bound Educators’ Expeditions are designed to develop experiential education skills that teachers and administrators can take back into their classrooms. Experiential education is learning by doing. Outward Bound’s challenging multi-day courses encourage growth, build courage to take risks, inspire a sense of compassion, expand curiosity, and develop personal strength, self-confidence, and self-reliance. All courses foster solid communication, teamwork and leadership skills.
Dates: August 4th – August 10th 2016

Educator’s Insights

After returning from an Outward Bound Canoeing Expedition, I would just like to say that as an educator with the School District of Philadelphia for 16 years, this has been hands down the best experience of my career. I truly believe that these students learned so much more in a week at Outward Bound about themselves than you could ever begin to put into words.

Our instructors, Jonathan and Lee were incredible. The lifelong skills they presented to our crew made for real, hands on learning with a twist of fun. Over the 5-days my co-teacher, Allison M. and myself, took a step back as our crew problem solved, worked as a team, navigated the river, set up camp and planned goals with precision. We observed them persevere and strive to meet their own expectations. Not only did they meet these expectations, they soared beyond.

All in all, it was a life changing experience for me as an educator. I came to Outward Bound bearing some rough edges and definitely left with a polished, smooth perspective on teaching, who I am as a teacher and life in general. For that I would just like to say, “Thank You.”

Melissa M.
James Dobson Elementary School

POBS’ Boat Building Expedition 

This June, Lingelbach Elementary School eighth graders partook in a powerful team-building experience through the building process. The Philadelphia Outward Bound School partners with Bartram’s Garden and Philadelphia Waterborne to engage students in a week long intensive boat building program while on expedition. Students collaborate to build two 12-foot long wooden rowboats which they launch and row on the Schuylkill River.

Philadelphia Waterborne is an educational program, rooted in the fundamental belief that students learn best by doing. Programming is inherently experiential and project-based, utilizing boat-building, maritime history, and environmental education to reinforce our school partners’ core educational curricula.

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New Building. New Adventure.
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Meet POBS’ New Interns! 

1) What about working for Outward Bound excites you the most?
2) What is your favorite backcountry meal? Do you have a special recipe to share?
3) What is your spirit animal?


  1. What stands out the most right now is being able to help people engage more deeply with nature, with their peers, and especially with themselves.
  2. Gado Gado with an exuberant about of vegetables.
  3. Fox


  1. I’m excited to be working with Outward Bound because of the opportunity to introduce youth to the outdoors. My love for the outdoors did not begin until late high school, therefore my hope is to share my passion with youth so that they might come to appreciate it as soon as possible!
  2. Stir fry
  3. Lemur


  1. I have first hand experience understanding the transformative power of nature. I am excited to be working in a setting that believes in that power as much as I do, and works to empower students to learn with and through the outdoors!
  2. Gado Gado
  3. Crane


  1. The prospect of making an impact in people’s lives and growing as a leader.
  2. Thai noodle
  3. A rabbit because I love carrots and can jump really high. 

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