Spring Insight Kick-Off With SCHA

The Insight Team kicked the Spring season off right with Springside Chestnut Hill Academy coming out two days in a row. The energy was at an all time high- students and staff celebrating the start of Spring  after a cold winter with a giant game of elbow tag! The 9th graders made their way to the high element where they had the opportunity to conquer the High Y with a partner or test their inner strength on the Power Pole while their peers belayed them from below. Students shared many thoughts at the end of the day with each other including how they had the opportunity to work with classmates they have never talked to, didn’t feel as shy as they did the day before, conquered their fear of heights and realized they should speak up more with their peers. Overall it was a powerful experience for both students and instructors who have been itching to engage in inspiring conversations and playful games with the energetic youth of the Philadelphia area.2013-04-02_11-16-00_731bull ring2013-04-02_13-34-31_241SCHA.

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