Why Wissahickon Charter teacher, Liz Biagioli, is a “School Champion”

Meet Liz Biagioli (pictured above with her students on a Peer Leadership Expedition), she is what we call a “School Champion.”  Liz has been on over 12 Outward Bound courses here at the Philadelphia Outward Bound School with her students at the Wissahickon Charter School.  Liz’s hard work, dedication and investment  has allowed her students to have opportunities to really discover themselves in a unique way.  Read below about how Liz helped her school build a lasting partnership with Outward Bound.

For the past eight years, Wissahickon Charter School (WCS) has worked with the Philadelphia Outward Bound School.  With our environmental mission, an established Outdoor Program, and desire for students to engage in different opportunities in nature, Outward Bound seemed like a great match.  Traditionally at WCS, every fall the eighth grade class participates in a five-day Outward Bound Backpacking Expedition.  This has been an excellent opportunity for students to partake in an adventure structured to encourage growth and discovery, while building leadership skills, confidence, and self-reliance in nature.  Seeing all of the benefits of this Outward Bound programming, we wanted more!  So, about five years ago, WCS and Outward Bound deepened our relationship by creating a partnership.  This partnership has allowed for an increase in programming and accessibility.  Now all of our middle school students participate in a number of insight days working on building community, building leadership skills, and preparing for their 8th grade expedition.  This remarkable partnership really compliments the mission of our school.  

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