Envision this, breathe how I breathe, and listen…

To the chatters of young gossipers and cicadas filling the seemingly rowdy night

In the skies lie twinkling dreams, along with hopes of home

As everything around becomes soundless and empty

Crisp air caressing you as the rays of a new day reflect upon the water

These moments are a time of undoubtful beauty

A time of peace, a time of thought, a time of understanding

For realizing, the beauty that is silence

The beauty that is nature

When suddenly…that spider you saw earlier doesn’t seem so terrifying

And in that brief moment, you feel as though you can forget

As though you can feel the stress being carried away by the wind and the pleasant, sometimes

disturbing, songs of the birds lifting your soul into the trees

Then and there, you feel whole

You feel still

You feel like you can breathe

And so, you go again and again,

Just to feel that moment, just to breathe….