The Discovery Center Named a “Special Place”!

The Discovery Center was recognized by the Pennsylvania Environmental Council with its “2023 Special Places Award,” an honor given to a special place that demonstrates environmental leadership, community impact and innovative planning and design practice. The award celebrates the unique history of the Center’s location at the Strawberry Mansion Reservoir and the collective efforts of the City of Philadelphia, Philadelphia Outward… READ MORE >

Meet Erica: Hometown Instructor

“When I first came to The Discovery Center, I immediately had that home-away-from-home moment,” said Erica Wiggins, a lead instructor at Philadelphia Outward Bound School (POBS). Wiggins’ Strawberry Mansion roots run deep – both she and her Mom grew up a few blocks away from what is now The Discovery Center. “The Strawberry Mansion Reservoir… READ MORE >

Guest Blog Post: The Bicycle Coalition

Youth Cyclists Tackle High Ropes Course This post was written by Bicycle Coalition Youth Cycling member Daa’mir Speight-Taylor (featured in the below photo on the left) recapping the adventures of the day. On Friday, July 14th, 8 students, 3 staff members and our BCYC intern took a trip to participate in Outward Bound programing at… READ MORE >

‘We believe everyone can lead’: Why NeuroFlow launched an integrated leadership development program

The healthtech company’s head of people shares how features like small cohorts, Outward Bound excursions and “accountability buddies” make the retention-minded program effective. by Jen McClintic, head of the people team at NeuroFlow in Center City, Philadelphia July 12, 2023 As world-changing innovations bubble up from shared workspaces, home offices and huddle rooms around the… READ MORE >