Meet Erica: Hometown Instructor

“When I first came to The Discovery Center, I immediately had that home-away-from-home moment,” said Erica Wiggins, a lead instructor at Philadelphia Outward Bound School (POBS). Wiggins’ Strawberry Mansion roots run deep – both she and her Mom grew up a few blocks away from what is now The Discovery Center. “The Strawberry Mansion Reservoir… READ MORE >

Guest Blog Post: The Bicycle Coalition

Youth Cyclists Tackle High Ropes Course This post was written by Bicycle Coalition Youth Cycling member Daa’mir Speight-Taylor (featured in the below photo on the left) recapping the adventures of the day. On Friday, July 14th, 8 students, 3 staff members and our BCYC intern took a trip to participate in Outward Bound programing at… READ MORE >

‘We believe everyone can lead’: Why NeuroFlow launched an integrated leadership development program

The healthtech company’s head of people shares how features like small cohorts, Outward Bound excursions and “accountability buddies” make the retention-minded program effective. by Jen McClintic, head of the people team at NeuroFlow in Center City, Philadelphia July 12, 2023 As world-changing innovations bubble up from shared workspaces, home offices and huddle rooms around the… READ MORE >

Fun and life lessons

By Tom Waring May 18, 2023 Ten Northeast High School students just spent five days canoeing at the Delaware Water Gap – with no cell phones or traditional ways to cook, sleep and go to the bathroom – and they loved it. Even during a few days when bugs, hornets and a canoe tip replaced… READ MORE >